Below I will post my submissions for assignments. Please note my submissions use Manuel de Codage an Egyptological convention for transcribing Egyptian words since use of Unicode for Hieroglyphs currently is inconsistent and not yet developed. This is also the convention of GlyphStudy.

Disclaimer: These are my answers errors and all.

GlyphStudy is a Yahoo group devoted to the free study of the Egyptian Language. There are several groups working through a variety of Egyptian Language books at any given time. I’ve completed this book: Collier and Manley’s How to Read Egyptian Hieroglyphs A Step – By Step Guide to Teach Yourself Revised Edition 

I’ve independently completed Manley’s Hieroglyphs for Complete Beginners which really is the best place to start learning hieroglyphs for the arm chair enthusiast. The book covers several inscriptions and provides a great overview of the offering formula. This isn’t a comprehensive grammar but it is a wonderful starting place if you want to begin your studies of Middle Egyptian. I highly recommend it.

Benefits of GlyphStudy
A good question for anyone undertaking the study of an ancient language is why would you study this let alone why would you study this online? The first answer is interest. The hieroglyphic language is interesting to me and beautiful to look at. Not many schools teach the language on campus let alone online. Compared to courses offered at a university, GlyphStudy is relatively cheap. Participation is free and the only expenses are for the textbook and the time to read and do the homework. The time frame for a course is usually about a year to two years to allow students to work through the grammers together but a relatively slower pace.

What about the teachers are they qualified? This is a good question. Anyone leading a section has completed the textbook previously and are active participants in the list. The group itself is composed of a wide group of individuals many of whom have certificates or degrees in Egyptology. All participants are interested in studying the language and helping others learn to understand it as well.

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