It is true. I’m not as young as I used to be. I have a job where I sit most of the day. In an attempt to get healthier I’ve started considering ways I can loose weight in a healthy way. I’ve tried several “diets” before. A few years back I tried Weight Watchers. I was able to loose around 25 pounds. I then had to stop the program because of finances. I really liked their tracking app and believe in keeping a food diary. However, I didn’t like their proprietary point system and felt like I was always counting calories which I didn’t always know nor could look up.

A few weeks back I watched a documentary on Fasting. It was interesting. I hadn’t really fasted consistently for about 10 years so I decided to give it a try. I enrolled in the My Circadian Clock study.  I’ve been doing it for about two weeks and it has been helpful. I skip breakfast and eat from noon until 7pm. I’ve only lost around 3 pounds so far but this is without exercise and making a wide variety of eating choices. I’m fasting longer than the study recommends at 17 hours rather than their 13 but I’m giving it a try for the next 12 weeks to see how it goes. My goal weight is 165 pounds.

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