photo of me.Peter Blair, Ph.D. is an instructional designer with a passion to help learners succeed. As an online course designer, he translates classroom activities to activities that work in online courses. Peter has worked at BYU-Idaho for the past 5 1/2 years. He loves working with faculty to create successful course offerings. Peter loves iterative design and trying out ideas quickly and often with learners. Since being at BYUI he has helped develop or redevelop over 50-100 online courses in a broad range of subject areas. As part of his professional development, he’s pursuing a micro-masters in user experience design and research. Peter’s research interest include online learning, physical and social presence, problem-based learning, virtual worlds, and educational philosophy. On this blog Peter writes about hobbies, user experience, workouts, studying the Middle Egyptian language, and Osteoarcheology.

A not-so-serious place for thoughts on education, technology, research, and fun.